Technology for Small Business: Then and Now

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When business technology was first conceptualized, the focus of the designs was to answer the needs of large corporations. Small business was like an afterthought. What the vendors did was to strip down few of the high-end features but left all the complexities behind and offered the somewhat diminished product to the small business market. With a lack of options, the complexity it offered overwhelmed small business owners. And not only were the products very difficult and expensive, it required an IT team to install, maintain and support the infrastructure, rendering it so cumbersome and costly that it definitely did not do the small business industry any good. And when it comes to marketing, small businesses has only the traditional advertising to turn to which are not only costly but does not target specific potential customers.


Now fast forward a decade and the number of products for small businesses that are currently available in the market has grown amazingly. What was once available only to big businesses is now accessible to small businesses, they can now afford technology such as monitoring company websites and networks or conducting mobile email campaigns. In today’s times when phone systems can route customer calls right to a mobile phone or when data can be accessed even while on the road, business owners can run their small businesses from anywhere and collaborate with employees across town or even across the globe. Small business marketing has taken a good turn as well. From costly traditional or print advertising, they can now take advantage of internet marketing. There are a lot of ways to reach targeted customers, social media is one platform that is very effective since most people are on it almost 24/7. Take Instagram for instance, by posting pictures related to your business, your chances of attracting potential customers will considerably grow since you will be able to reach not only people from your area but people from all over the world as well. All you need to do is acquire a large network by gathering a good number of followers, check out Buzzoid at



While the changes in small business technology are truly wonderful, there are challenges as well.  Because the industry for technology for small businesses has grown considerably, business owners are overwhelmed by the number of technology choices available to them and in a way technology has not gotten any simpler, it has gotten more powerful that is why its complications has grown as well. And while the root cause of technology frustrations and confusion has changed, the feelings however, remain a major roadblock for many small business owners.


Payments Through Technological Means

dlTechnologyLiving in today’s world means that you get to have access to everything that it has to offer – education, medical care, the possibility to create your own business, the opportunity to get a great job and earn money and many other things.

However, it seems that the world revolves around money, as there are just a few things that you can get for free. Everyone works for gaining more income, so this means that there are plenty of transactions that are taking place at any moment everywhere in the world.

This being said, we’d like to talk a little about the possibilities that you now have for transferring money from one place to another, from one account to another in just a few moments.

The Banks

Every bank and financial institution uses advanced technology for keeping a database with those people who have accounts opened with them. Apart from this, the money that you use is transferred through accounts – you don’t get to see the physical money unless you withdraw them.

This is a good thing actually, because you don’t have to carry cash around all the time. The banks have also made available cards – credit or debit cards for easing your access to the money from your account.

These cards are used for the next things that we are going to present.


This is like a smaller bank deposit – you insert the card, your identification number or PIN and you can withdraw cash, pay bills or make transfers. The ATM use different technologies – they are connected to the banks and they can give you the instant situation from your account.

These also used secured methods for paying, and because some time ago there was the possibility to duplicate the cards through different devices attached to the ATM, the specialists have designed better methods of security. This is why many of the available cards today have chips inserted in them.


You can usually find a POS in a store and with its help you can pay for the products that you have bough. The POS works with any card if it has money on it, and it withdraws from your account only the money that you have to pay.

The technology used behind it is similar to the ATM and what you can find in the bank – you still have to use your PIN, and in some cases all you have to do is just get the card near enough so that the POS can read its information.

The Online Environment

Mobile-TechnologyThis is an entirely different story. Here you have a few possibilities – you can have an online account with one of the online payment solutions offered by PayPal or other providers, you can pay with your card or you can access the online account for your card.

Either of these options allows you to have access to your account. PayPal is an online payment solution that offers you a virtual account using your email, your personal information and the information of your credit card. They will check your identity and your card before you can use this service.

Paying online is also easy – you can pay through PayPal or you can pay directly from your card. The online stores are safe to use, as they have secured payment methods and you control exactly how much you pay.

The third option – the online account from your bank allows you to make different operations. You can transfer money from your account into another; you can change your money from one currency into another; you can pay for different items and you can have an easy access to the situation of your account from the bank.